Song of the day: U2 – Vertigo

I am like so hooked onto this song today.. been looping on my mini while my bus trip home from sch.. hello~ hello~~ haha.. so cool~ especially the beats.. alamak.. anyway.. i just bathed finished.. playing dota with tammie later.. she copy me alo go bathe.. now need make me wait for her..

stayed in sch todae until 5.. helped rainie with her microstation.. she still left some havent complete.. so ya gd luck to her! haha.. oh ya.. still left like 5 more days to submission.. i have 3 more perspective.. tod.. model.. and panels.. oh wow.. like left a lot.. hmm.. 1 dae do 1 shld be able to finish ah.. 4 things 5 days.. haha.. 1 dae off.. wootz~ lolx.. dreaming? yeah.. i am a dreamer.. not going against my nature ma.. lolx.. TAMMIE!! faster come and play dota with me…….


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