Song of the day: Dao Dai – Zhou Jie Lun / Cai Yi Lin / Instrumental version

Today a wierd thing happened. First itunes played the instrumental version of dao dai, then next it play dao dai by zhou jie lun.. in my heart i was like wtf? 2 dao dai back to back? thats not the end of it.. after jay’s version.. came jolin’s version.. lolx.. 3 dao dai in row? if this song dun make it into the song of the day.. den i dunno which would.. lolx.. amazing ah? 3 dao dai’s…. haha

going to start work soon.. zao sch earlier but came home to rest onli.. gotta render my perspective later.. and its seemed so near to submission date.. tml’s LC presentation is sure gonna be a flop.. i’m not exactly going to prepare for it cos not much time already.. presentation at this time abit sian lor.. i wanna do my sch work! for once i feel kind of hardworking.. haha.. WORK HARD CLEMENT! work hard friends! archi yr2 and DLA yr2 submission tml! gd luck to all! have a smooth submission!


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