Song of the day: Because You Live – Jesse Mccartney

Its a very nice song.. slow and soothing.. good enought to guide and calm me for the next 3 days.. was so fed up with my perspective last night.. or you could say early this morning 12am.. after i listened to this song i calmed down and could do my work straight away.. Jesse Mccartney is a genius

Went Orchard with Dezhan today after my LC presentation.. presentation wasnt a flop (phew).. everything was very good.. leeyee (my lecturer) said i presented well, clear and know my topic very well.. dunno if she was in a rush or wad.. she didnt ask me question at all.. lolx.. but my classmates complained i present too loudly.. lolx.. really meh.. must be room too small la.. voice bounce back.. =x

Got myself Transformers LoC wave 1 and 2.. so small and cute.. dont think i opening it.. gonna display them mosc.. hehe.. gotta get hooks to hang them on the wall.. yay! LoCs are so cute.. have you gotten them todae? its priced at $7.90! OG has 20% storewide sale in the month of sept! Get yours todae! haha!

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Because you live


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