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notice anything???

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understand??? my ipod not enough memory already!!! ahh fuck.. shld i downgrade?? go ipod but wif big big 20gb?? or upgrade?? ipod nano with small small 5gb?? even smaller then my current 6gb?? wtf… apple idiot sia… w t f..

i’m still left with my panel which i am printing tml.. then do model also.. mon do tod.. woohoo!!! then submission over!! i’m having my crit on thus.. so sibei sian.. nvm.. but then oct coming le.. holidaes.. and i really mean holidaes.. cos got 0 and i mean ZERO projects going on.. so can finally relax and let my heart take a break and my mind to cool down.. sch projects are the hell..

Song of the day: Round Zero – Blade Brave (Theme song from Kamen Rider Blade) ^^


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