Ok finally i get to rest! been so busy the past week that i got no time to breath. I am officially so seng lang after this week. yst evening went out with leslie and dezhan. makan with dezhan den meet up with leslie later.. he wanted to get stikfas but walk everywhere also bo.. in the end end up in forum TRU.. so freakin sian la.. lolx.. i was half dead thru out the search.. den he poison dezhan into copying him to get his stiks too.. wah lao.. both of them officially stikfans liao.. i am NOT going to go into their trap.. SO NOT lor..

got a MISA freedom and GFLEX freedom from junyan.. wah lao.. i need more freedom.. just updated 2 that i really like.. MG Freedom Extra Finish as well as 1/60 Freedom Flash Edition.. both very expensive kits but i think its worthy to be part of my freedom shrine. current freedom count: 14 shld be getting the NG 1/144 soon ba.. alwaes lazy to get.. haha.. well! so many SD freedom havent get.. lazy also.. =x alrite! for the holidaes.. i am going to WORK AND WORK!! den lidat got money buy more toys!! i need more toys!! MORE TOYSS!!! ok.. going to bed now!! meeting up with the gang later in the afternoon to play pool! cya laterz..


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