travelling used to be clement’s favourite past time.. it is a time where he can be totally himself.. not thinking about projects.. not thinking about problems.. listening to his music on his ipod.. looking at the passing scenery.. and looking at the different kinds of people in singapore passing by.. sometimes u can just notice some wierd incidents happening as u r travelling.. if clement is tired.. he can close his eyes and rest.. sometimes if he is lucky enough.. he gets to sleep.. woooo…

but now travelling is hell for clement.. not onli travelling but as long as clement is alone.. it is kinda bad enough.. travelling is just something that clement now dreads the most.. holidays are here but here he is not getting a bit of happiness from it.. i asked him whats wrong.. he haf not the slightest idea how to reply.. he tells me its just something that struck him.. even he himself knows nothing about it and how it came about.. why izzit so.. clement hates looking at scenery now.. he hates observing people now.. he hates his music now.. he hates himself.. he is constantly looking for something to occupy his thoughts.. ends up coming home late… dreads being at home becos there is nothing for him to do at home….

why i ask? he said he don’t know……

or perhaps……….?


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