stayed at home the entire day.. spent almost the whole afternn and a little of the evening in bnet.. played mostly dota.. and a little of sheep tag.. quite fun for sheep tag.. but gets repeatative easily.. wel.. least i tried a new game! ^^

tml going gym in the morning.. then study for my basic theory.. test is on fri and i am here studying on a thur.. haha.. clement you rox! afternn yun ask me pei her go orchard.. she just called to ask.. haha.. go orchard for wad.. she say tml den tell me.. alamak.. but anyway i just agreed to her request.. so tml accompanying her to orchard ba..

eyes very pain.. oh.. todae i had herbal chicken soup for me dinner! yay!! so nice.. had 1 big big bowl.. hehe.. drank all the soup but left those red dates behind.. yuck =x ah well.. looking forward to the chalet.. wanna get drunk for the first time.. try my alcohol limit.. haha.. believe it or not but i have nv gotten drunk b4… hope to get drunk! ah.. blah!


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