what if one day i died

what if one fine day.. clement disappeared.. he died.. who would have noticed this silent death? perhaps only those few close frenz of mine.. those that contacts me often would.. moreover its the holidaes now.. if i just go missing.. people wun make a big fuss about it.. how many would actually care from the bottom of their heart.. how many would actually bother…

why am i writing this? actually i myself am not sure.. i was just wondering how many frenz of mine are actually true frenz and not those “hi-bye” frenz.. would my sec sch frenz come to my funeral? would my poly frenz come? or would my online forum frenz come? i believe i haf a decent number of frenz.. be it close frenz.. contacting once a week.. or even once a few months.. i still believe all these people are my frenz.. well.. if rumors and such rubbish spread so fast.. would a death of a person spread the same way? wierd huh.. i however think it wun even spread.. worst.. after i died.. where do all my transformers and other toys go.. please dun burn it with me ok.. at least auction it for a bit of money for my parents.. hahahaha…. i’m sure can fetch a few Ks for them…………..

clement. is dumb


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