life seems so boring at home.. stayed at home today.. like finally.. but it just sucks.. life is so stale at home.. so boring at home.. so stone at home.. and all i see is my monitor frm day to night.. yuckz!

updated tammie’s blog for her.. i did a layout for her so long.. but she so lazy to change so todae i volunteered to help her change.. can check it out at www.tammietham87.blogspot.com ! going for free movie tml.. woohoo!! corpse bride!! hope can wake up in time! gonna meet bel b4 go town.. cos she scared lonely.. lolx.. ask me accompany her.. =.=

a few things to say:
-tammie stop thinkin abt those nonsense, u shld really relax
-leslie chalet is coming.. so dun stress liao..
-shiyun lets work hard together!!
-dz take care in ur msia trip!
-weesoon dota more! lol!
-jaz relax and think abt shoppin more!
-teckpeng i wun be late tml! dun worry
-peiqi no u dun haf dengue.. stop thinkin u that haf
-alvin muackz

i wanna join subaru challenge….. 😦


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