my heart is dangling.. someone is keeping it suspended.. well.. i’m just left there dangling.. not being able to do a single thing.. why? because like what shiyun said.. i am easily bullied.. lolx…. am i really that soft hearted? dang….

i am so tired… in what way u can intepret it… i am tired in whatever way it is…. frenz? life? music? haha.. oh ya.. driving? gaming? wow! i’ve been going out like everydae since 19/9 (aka submission) i got straight Ds for my sem.. WOW x2! haha.. i deserved it la.. lucky nv fail so well.. wake up call clement.. hello!? ohayo! lol..

oh ya.. amazing feat no.1: go out everyday but nv spend more the $20 in total.. ya.. nv spend more the $20 in total in 2 weeks.. power? ya!! of cos!! power to the stoning!! power to the bio-ing char borhs!! power to the lifeless life!!! power to the fasting!! well.. normally i go out just chit chat with frenz.. wait for time to pass.. tok nonsense.. tok problems.. tok and tok a few hours le.. alwaes just sit around town and tok.. usual place.. paragon.. lol!

met sadako today outside cineleisure.. took a video.. but lights too dim.. abt 9pm leh… but the make up artist sibei zai la.. i bo wei gong.. its sibei zai.. see for urself to believe.. no words that i can come up with can describe.. well.. i hope my dad gets some free time soon.. wanna negotiate with him of changing my hp.. my hp sot le.. wanna trade in for Panasonic VS2.. luv it a lot.. hope to get it! anyway..

clement is tired!


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