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i came to this place today..
a place of memories.. a place of happiness…

after that fateful day.. things seemed to have changed.. for the better or good? i am personally also very confused.. life hasn’t quite been the same lately.. perhaps because of my surroundings.. still there are other personal factors i will exclude.. many things happened to all my different frenz.. mostly not being good la.. MANY complaining that they r sick.. time is up.. BROTHERS complaining abt girls(oh yeah what else do we complain about anyway.. LOL).. some complaining about how boring holidaes are.. some complaining about money.. little complaining abt studies.. me? i complain about why am i so weak.. clement frm the sec sch daes has gone.. the happy go lucky.. the determined.. the strong minded.. the “i lead u follow” kind of awe.. lolx.. life is sec sch was sweeter then it is now… but life is like this.. i am going to accept it.. i will be stronger.. i will not dwell in the past anymore..

since i found out something todae.. i will just tell all my close frenz sorry… clement has decided… shiyun.. scold me stupid scold me dumb.. i will feel better…

interaction camp is coming up.. i hope all participants will enjoy the camp… LOTs of stuff to do.. hope that i can actually do well in the next sem.. tell me i am dreaming.. wake me up.. but i am gonna so score in the next sem.. trust clement’s words.. i will be a nerd next sem!

long time never do this already.. but..
Song of the day: Bells of Freedom – Bon Jovi

a very nice and meaningful song.. from his new album “Have a nice day”


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