what i did todae!

MORNING went westmall meet dz for kopi.. no money so i walked to westmall! lolx.. then he drank latte at coffeebean.. i drink air!! stone frm 11 to 1 lidat.. power bo? 2 gays stoning together.. lolx.. after that walked around westmall.. 20 mins we cover the whole place liao..

AFTERNOON dz got troy vcd so pop by my hse to watch.. nv watch b4.. first time watchin.. quite nice ah.. after troy we played a few games of dota.. he stayed at my hse until 7plus..

EVENING after he left.. i slept! slept until 10 plus.. bleach finally dl finish! episode 52! new opening was sibei zai.. 1 hour special.. fights thru out the episode.. power like power.. haha.. damn thing.. ICHIGO STILL HAVENT ACHIEVE BANKAI! WTF! HOW LONG ALREADY!! dumb ichigo.. renji bankai’ed in this episode! zabimaru so handsome.. lolx.. also a lot of captains bankai’ed in the episode.. baskethead finally showed his face! omg.. too many spoilers.. hehe

oh ya.. clement became super pig liao.. slp whole dae yst.. todae nothin to do then slp.. think i gonna slp soon.. tml slp whole dae.. tue also! lolx.. slpin marathon….

either that.. or he is just trying to be dumb……


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