totally messed up.. why am i so annoyed by things around me.. little things make me annoyed.. is it because of staying home 7 days a week that made me like this? no fresh air? life just seems stale all the time.. instant noodles.. instant noodles and more.. eat slp eat slp.. argh…….

freedom totally spells B-O-R-E-D-O-M. get it?

maple patching dam slow
dota sucked just now.. damn fucking suay
gonna train spiritbreaker.. its damn broken

people around me aint getting along very wel.. hope everyone gets better.. though i’m not better off.. lolx.. well.. hope all of them take gd care of themself.. its about mid month now.. am glad.. holidaes totally suck for me.. i wanan get back to sch and be busy..


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