wad a dae

man it was pouring todae.. i didnt bring an umbrella out so got drenched again and again.. just glad that my toys were not damaged.. PHEW! got my HG1/144 strike freedom and EZ collection as well as the comic con exclusive LOC skywarp! haha.. rawkz!

and ah tong ah.. u go jap also like nv say 1! suddenly u missing frm msn.. wanna ask u take care.. yi lu shun feng also bo ah.. lolx.. u bugger.. better get something for me during the trip.. arbo i slap you ah!

slept a lot todae since i got home.. rainy weather plus cosy bed = long long slp.. lolx.. i slept until abt 830.. shiok man.. until now feel like going back to slp.. but seems so piggy if i do so.. like wtf man.. lolx.. but woke up then got many drama happen la.. hope my frenz are all gonna be alrite from all the ups and downs.. take care guys! its hard but everyone has daes like this ba.. [quoted from all those who encourages me] lolx.. hang in there!


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