LOTS of complains today:

– terrible aching of my legs from too much excercise over the past weeks
– why is my mother against me having red hair! i will not bother and go ahead….
– PMs really so shiok meh? i am getting sick of a forum i frequent… damn noobish.. tons of 1 liners.. so many mods so little control..
– i hate ppl who pang seh!
– why are so many ppl i noe having so much headaches… i want everyone to be happy! why tell me what can i do to help my frenz.. SO many lor…
– grouping sux.. BIG TIME
– daddy…. when will i be getting my hp.. lol! like he will read lidat….

Looking forward to:

– camp next week!!
– sch reopening!!
– completing my gundam this weekend!!
– complete shaman king manga next week!!


– PEIQI HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 18 liao!! old already.. WahHAhaHA.. present eh.. when i get to meet u next time! waAhHAhahA =x
– ROY!! Happy Birthday!! Sorry couldnt celebrate birthday for you.. holidays abit difficult to organise ppl together.. But i still remember ok.. All the best! I’ll give you ur present when sch starts! PROMISE!


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