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ok so this are my GEMS appointment dates.. luck didnt crash with my camp on 27/10! PHEW~!

but still.. GEMS? WTH! its a waste of time.. stupid program implemented by the school.. total waste of time… well.. their reason? “You get to learn something other that what is taught in your course” like eh? 2 hrs per week for 1 Sem enough to make u a pro in tt like izzit? lol.. wanna kid who? i not born in 2002 leh… then their choice of course also so limited… like nothing tt interests me.. so sian!

Last sem i took Effective Speaking Skills under Arts & Humanities. In year1 i took Real Estate Marketing under Business & Management. This sem gotta choose something under Science & Technology.. sian leh.. nothin nice..

– Designing Cartoons and Animation for Games (ST006S) ?
– Music, Electronics and Robots (ET008S) ?

i seriously got no idea… 2 more daes to decide! gd luck clement… lol


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