clement shld start being more ignorant

what can 1 hr achieve in my life?
1hr = 60 mins
60mins = 3600 secs?


and that little? ok… this entry is just for me to vent anger and fustration.. will be a very honest entry.. not going to name names but u noe who u r… offended or not? i don’t think i wanna care already.. cos i think i cared tooo much for u ppl… until i cannot take it.. what for sacrifice myself for u all rite? DISCLAIMER: do read on onli if u can take being offended.. these are gonna be comments for ppl who can take it in and think over it.. no childish ppl pls………

firstly.. pls do not have the misconception that someone is clinging onto to you.. even if u think so.. there is no need to publically announce to the world.. moreover so if it even holds a sense of doubt in it.. i noe who u feel.. but the way u handle it is not rite.. so just think over it…

ppl who pangseh shld just die… especially to those who made promises… some ppl say promises are meant to broken? well.. i say FUCK that! even if u break a promise.. do it with style ok.. dun cook up dumb reasons cos i dun even give a damn about reasons/excuses.. i onli care about the conclusion.. if u made a promise.. pls.. keep it.. oh yeah.. if u got no intention at all.. pls dun even promise.. 5 mins? its been like well over 30mins..
if for some real reason a promise has to be broken.. be sincere about it.. dun do it for dumb reasons.. or worst just cos of a person.. if its tt hard for u to face a person? i say congratz! die in the real working world in future! go quit ur job just cos u hate ur HR manager.. go lose a million dollar deal cos tt guy is stuck up.. congratz!!

well.. pls do plan before hand.. if u got the notice early.. why even plan something that clashes… then in the end come find me for solution.. HELLO? CLEMENT SOH DOESNT CONTROL TIME?? u cannot have the best of both worlds.. so pls.. decide for yourself….. ok?

i actually hate people who try to communicate thru personal msg in msn.. so much so that sometimes i get caught in it also.. well.. why r u not refering to urself u say.. ok.. i do admit i do that rite.. but well.. i seldom if not never aim at a singular person.. to add on.. i normally do it in general term.. so if u r aiming at a person.. pls just shove it up at the person directly.. wanna tell again the whole world abt 2 person’s problem?

oh? i see fuming ppl reading.. well.. i warned u guys already.. no holds barred… i dun even care.. lose a fren i might but least i lose a fren who doesnt think well.. who has a problem with it pls confront me in msn.. dun go backstabbing and stuff ok? promise? 🙂

clement has been too nice and being taken advantage of.. i shld have been more ignorant and care less for my frenz.. why shld i be dragged into their problems……. ok u say u nv drag me in.. ok.. cos i care for u.. if not i heck care already.. pls grow up ppl…. take it like the MAN/WOMAN that u r… and NOT like little kids….


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