GEMS! (again)

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ok the entire online registry for gems is bull.. totally BULL! made my frenz all stuck.. server lagged.. things cocked up… and worst.. FIREFOX cannot be used to register! hell… sp~ FIREFOX IS LIKE REPLACING IE already…… i took 30mins to find out why i cant register successfully.. problem: FIREFOX -______- wth?

after switching over to IE then ok liao.. HENG still got place ah.. arbo sure damn damn damn and damn damn sian 1.. got into class 2… sry soon.. class 1 full liao.. bo bian.. but still we same dae and time la.. then classrm also side by side.. shld be gd la.. can go together… sp dumb.. wz didnt make it in time.. lag and lag for him.. dal also.. liyi also… well.. sp dumb.. lol…

i hope this gems rawkz la.. the previous gems i went was ok.. dun start telling me abt last yr 1.. tt 1 worst.. slping gems.. lolx….. anyway… dinner time! mom just got home.. =D


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