camp is tml

suddenly i dun feel like goin camp..
i dun wanna go… but no choice i gotta go..
havent seen u all day..

got this complete set of shaman king manga @ $55. its second hand la.. but condition very gd.. quite happy with it.. need to slowly read le.. ppl say it sux.. but well.. i noe that.. i buy onli cos it meant something to me.. haha.. its gonna be quite silly but ya.. its special to me..

gotta make my EZ link card tml morning and go buy kinder surprise for jazelle.. stupid girl wan chocolates… camp at 12 in sch.. waking up very early..

i missssss u a lot! will u be reading this?! haha.. I GOING CAMP TML HOR LAZY PIG!! ming bai?! dun play so much.. pls rest ah.. sch reopening soon le….

going to pack stuff le.. see u guys when sch reopens…


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