back from FOT

reached home not too long ago. emptied my bag into the washing machine and checked a few new posts on katoots.. nothin much happening except that EX02 sonic convoy has arrived. an exclusive that costs a whopping $220.. no money yet..

missed u so much in camp but no time in the evening to call u.. was so busy that i slept at 3-4 everydae.. woke up at 6 everydae.. so ya had very little slp.. but still very active.. lol…. i think i am switching off already.. mind blank…. for those who r still guessing abt why i got shaman king manga when it sucked.. its becos its the first anime that i complete watching and chased together with a girl i really like.. both of us enjoyed it.. times like this are memories that i will alwaes cherish..

to that mysterious person at my tag (name: eu-shud-noe-hu) .. eh… are u sure my entries are tokin abt you… hmmm….. lol…. oh welll… i noe that person that i am tokin abt in my entries wun type like u..
[eu -__-” wth]

sch starts tml.. will i wake up on time for 8am class? lets hope so… lolx… i feel so tired… physically tired… not enough rest…… think i will get an early nite todae.. thnx joy for ur testimonial.. if u read this.. i’ll write 1 back for u in a few daes time.. =)


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