Happy Deepavali

to start off.. happy deepavali to everyone.. especially to those reading.. lol..
though its a holidae.. it seemed like a saturday to me.. like no special celebrations going on around.. went to town with bel, yw, anna, dz, tp and leslie todae.. walk walk.. bel, yw went to get keat’s present.. while anna was complaining what to get for val.. lol.. i just stone and follow them.. they keep complaining i looked like i just woke up.. wth….

tml classsss at 8am… must wake up.. still very tired… not enough rest.. gotta sleep more.. oh ya!!!

FUCKING HELL!! my ipod got a deep dent from dunno wad shit.. woke up todae and saw it.. totally spoilt my mood.. dunno what in the freakin hell happened.. pissed and more pissed….. my darling ipod….. argh…..!!!!!

wz.. hope ur abrasion get better ok.. rmb come to sch tml.. tml very impt stuff…… gonna haf an early nite again.. nitez all!


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