061105 Sunday

ok so after about 3 daes of absence i am back at my blog. many things happened within theis 3 daes. well, i injured myself.. spent lots of money.. and eh.. still feeling very physically tired.. i mean ive been sleeping for so much and yet i still feel so tired.. am i really that weak? what is happening to my body man..

leslie’s bbq is on 9/12.. most if not all of brotherhood is going to attend.. looking fwd to that day.. lets just hope it would be a fun one.. although its mostly a guranteed that we will enjoy ourself.. lol.. seriously man.. poly is where i found all my buddies.. and leslie if u r reading this.. nobody is going to get u any present for ur bdae.. nor will we smash cake at u.. we cant be bothered! rmb that bugger.. wahahahaha… =x u noe me.. lol..

tammie.. havent seen u online whole dae.. are u feeling better? chatted with u until quite late yst but sry ah.. my com no coorperative.. like wad vitual memory low.. keep laggin and such.. its darn irritating.. so ya.. like i told u.. if u wan someone to go out wif can just gimme a call la.. u noe i’m ur best bud! lol.. so did u rmb wad i said yst? those golden words? stick to it ok.. things will blow over soon.. every point in someone’s life things like this happens.. literally.. shit happens.. happened to me in quite a no of times already.. so just stay strong la.. i dun believe in running and i think i made it very clear to u last nite rite.. so face it.. if u had.. face it harder.. =) gambatte! (spelling?) lol..

got jay’s new album [november’s choppin’].. its quite a good album la.. nice songs.. nice mix.. sentimental as well as rap.. it also includes both initialD OST songs.. piao yi and yi lu xiang bei.. kinda expected it would be included la.. well.. get it if u r a jay fan.. its nice..

tmr is mondae and its another sch week.. well.. i gotta work hard.. no more gaming already.. practising self descipline.. so ya.. i will score well this sem.. miracles happens.. magic can be made.. life is full of surprises and i will be one of it! wahahaha… prepare DID yr2s.. clement is coming back with a vengence.. lol… so much big talk onli… aiya but i will be less slack la.. dun expect to score too well.. but definately wanan be much much better then my previous grades..

darn my wound.. heal quicker..



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