alrite.. todae was quite a boring dae.. GEMS SUX! i totally regret taking my GEMS… 2nd week and i am boiling.. machiam art lesson.. fuck.. and worst.. the standard sux like hell….. u noe.. like those kiddy 3yr old art class… ARGH!!!!

DE FOC 06/07 posts are out.. for those that did not attend it this afternn or were not updated.. it is as follows:

Camp Chief: Ken
Asst. Camp Chief: XiaoYan
Coordinator: Louis
Gamemaster: Carp
Gamemistress: Larissa

ok so i played bball todae also.. 3 daes in a roll.. least better then last 2 daes.. wearing long sleeves.. -____- todae wore tee shirt.. so better.. lol.. played 4v4 then 5v5.. ok.. 5v5 rawkz.. totally humilated a stupid bugger.. like totally.. and the whole court roared.. lolx.. damn shiok man….. undescribable.. and he come to me and complain wif his excuses.. like lol.. haha.. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

ok i shall describe in detail.. there he was up front with nobody guarding him.. then someone on his team ran past me.. (think ken or weesoon).. then someone thunder( if u noe.. its like passing the ball more then half court dist) to tt bugger.. i ran up.. so its like 2v1.. he recieved the ball nicely.. wootz.. like so pro.. preparing to shoot.. then i jump and wack it right in his face.. its like.. omfg.. the ball flew like hell.. whole court roared.. even his teammates came to high five me.. lol…. all super happy i humiliated him.. rawkz la…… DAMN U BUGGER! SHUT UR MOUTH!!

ok i am done.. jazelle u can read now


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