omg.. go visit that link.. so zai.. its real ok.. REAL in singapore.. sorry alvin.. when u showed me i still tot u go photoshop 1.. i go spot for weak points then tot why u so pro.. in the end is real 1.. lol.. zai la.. singapore so free do such things 1..

todae so called DE BBALL “Selection” la.. i mean.. so little ppl came.. nvm lor.. i todae play for fun onli.. so just treated it as another bball dae.. lol.. overall was quite ok.. but injured my middle finger.. and yup.. i kup tt stupid bugger ball once again.. lol.. stop kpkb-ing.. get used to it already…

i am so pissed with my life.. why r there so much problems..

short entry… sch workload sux… almost finishing… collecting toys these weekend.. yay…


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