just came back from sch. attended the semi finals for MMSP (mr & miss singapore poly). was there to support 1 of my fren who made it into the semi finals. nice girl! though i didnt stay for the results, i am confident you will get in.. definately.. you did very well on stage but just a little nervous.. but overall was excellent

i wasnt really myself for the past 2 daes.. i’m not sure what got over me.. i mean its the last week to submission and here i am having things cocked up.. its like an unwanted mood swing.. omg.. why play wif me at such a time the great big guy up there.. how i wish all of this to end soon.. i now have very good brothers that i will cherish.. i will not give them up.. this is the kind of frens i really want.. i hope we can stay as brothers all the way man… really cherish every single one of u.. its US that makes up brotherhood.. one less and we will be powerless..

somehow i envy those that r basking in love.. i know its not really a right time.. but how nice if there is someone who alwaes supports u.. cares for you.. and root for you in whatever you do.. it is a very sweet feeling just thinking of it.. havent had that since a long time ago.. memories of you came back to me.. its a gd yet unwanted feeling at the same time.. i hate taking 106.. totally… especially passing by clementi… argh…. are you reading this? if u r just drop me a msg and perhaps tell me how r u getting along..

as for now.. think i’m gonna concentrate on my studies first.. i have tried and so i think i will do the best for my projects first.. perhaps sometime.. then maybe i may decide.. i dont really know what am i talking about but if u r reading.. u are alwaes there filled in my heart every second of my life.. though i may not speak much.. you know that u r alwaes in my heart.. we noe we both understand each other well.. i am not nagging but just work hard.. a few daes left only.. jiayou madam.. wahaha..

project’s a mess

life’s a mess

wallet’s a mess

shiyun & me

cherish you lots shiyun.. thanks for being there for me all the time..
damn i look so retard.. wahaha..
going botak soon.. will post pics.. dun worry.. lol..


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