one hope, many disappointments

submission was todae, 8am. came sch wif wz takin cab. was early not late so all was fine. however it was kind of bad for teckpeng. well.. bro.. the dae is almost ending and everything on ur part has ended.. learn from it and dun repeat next time.. can definately do better in the rest of the sem.. for now.. cheer up though i know u havent completely gotten over it.. its over already so just cheer up.. you know us brothers care for you.. todae you act like nothin happened actually scared all of us u noe.. next time sad then sad.. dun act like nothin hor.. jiayou for the rest of the sem.. i will personally push u like hell..

gave you the tsubasa mascot swing le.. u were very shocked and happy.. brought a smile to my face.. can tell that you really liked it.. i’m happy.. peishan was jealous.. haha.. peishan if u reading this ah.. i see if i can get from my fren another set.. then i help u get.. but u must pay me back.. wahaha =x

well.. countless disappointments todae though.. the whole dae kinda sucked for me other then wad i wrote in the previous para abv.. tt is the onli high pt for my dae.. haha.. if u really wanna know then msn me.. arbo i shant post it here..

tiring dae.. bought some vcds.. mainly “Be With You” and “7 Swords”.. think watching overnite.. i am finally free for at least 1 week.. no work and slack time! wooooohooooo


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