was at home the entire day. didnt go sch. didnt go out. i missed u a lot today. watch 2 shows also. Be With You and Seven Swords. Both show was kind of ok, but mainly disappointed at Seven Swords. Very lousy plot.

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Pretty Girl! This sword was the sword i like most. Was told by many that the entire film’s focus is only on the swords and so i was proven correct. The film had no plot of what so ever. Character introduction was very brief and also no place for them to grow. It was like fighting and fighting all the way. Not exactly a good film, will not recommend for people to get it unless one has extra cash. The swords were all very unique and beautiful though.

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Be With You is an excellent film. Definately recommended to everyone to watch. I teared for the first time after so many years, especially it being a movie. I haven’t actually teared for any movie yet in my entire life. Yuji (the small boy) was so adorable and cute, the scene of him running for his mother made my heart sank. Such a young and innocent boy who was so loving to both his parents. Very sad and touching story. Didn’t regret buying the VCD. 10 stars out of 5!!


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