national treasure

was told by a fren of mine that this display pic of mine is nice.. actually was very easy work la.. maybe used even less then 5 mins to complete.

step 1: select 100 x 100 pixels
step 2: black background
step 3: insert text
step 4: blending options > outer and inner glow
step 5: save as jpg and its done.

wahaha.. simple? you can do it yourself..

rather confused but i tell myself i must live life myself. your the girl that i can never have. so lets just fufil what you want to and let us just be good frens. it has been dumb on my part all this while. nothing i can do already. ive tried so hard but still nothing touched you, nothing struck you. im just an idiot. well, thnx to those who were worried for me. i appreciate it. i am alrite. not on any verge of jumpin floor, (insert any form of sucidal here), etc. ok. i am perfectly alrite. repeat. i am perfectly alrite.

peace out.


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