OMG… submissions coming in less then 6 weeks.. then.. another submission… haha.. rawkz la.. i am actually quite excited and motivated to do work.. surprisingly leh.. wahaha.. i dunno why but yea work is nice.. i am happy!! bbq next fridae.. companionship.. vodka.. wahaha… food.. people.. and of cos vodka.. 1 person 1 bottle.. shiok.. gonna compete wif leslie see whose limit better.. both me and him havent got drunk before.. so trying to see wads our limit.. teckpeng and dennis is obviously out of the competition liao.. haha.. dz can try ba.. wz and ws? they dun really drink… hmm.. ok.. i am not a drunkard.. i somehow drink very little one hor… HOR..!!! haha.. alrite la.. toking too much nonsense….. till next time!


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