Rubbish Car

pls click on the image to see. its kinda small. i wonder how this is going to turn out becos i cant even access my blog. have been listening to the same song the entire dae.. crazy fella doin crazy thing.

ok lets be honest la.. i may seem happy and cheery the entire week, actually ive been thinking quite a lot.. about my life.. my regrets.. my friends.. my sch work.. my health most importantly.. all sorts of rubbish la.. dunno wads coming over me.. but ya.. crazy.. i hate my life.. i wish i can easily understand the world…. i admit.. ppl keep asking if i am ok.. i said i am alrite.. but actually there is still this tiny bit left in me that cant get over it.. i am trying to forget yet resisting at the same time.. im not sure if i am doin the right thing.. its dumb.. its stupid.. but i am simple the emotional kind.. seldom use my intellect but alwaes use my heart instead..

well.. take care everyone..


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