Ban Pegasus

gave my picture some colour already. needed to colour it to hand up next week for my gems assignment. gotta design a character and include a profile for it. i hate colouring. i think i messed my drawing up. but oh well wads done is done so let it be lor. guess the name? sibei lame and dunno how it came about also. googled flying greek god and it gave me pegasus. so named him Ban Pegasus. dun ask me where Ban came from. random thought random idea. the description i wrote follows:

Age 24
Height 1.85m / 6ft
Weight 75kg / 200pounds
Hair Blonde

Strengths Flight
Weakness Low Physical Strength
Symbol Widespread Wings
Origin Unknown

so ya still left with a short background story thingy.. tml then continue.. quite sian of it.. lol


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