The Sky is Falling

the sky is falling! haha.. caught the movie todae.. was quite impressed with the movie.. light jokes all the way.. this show is short and the plot is just nice for kids.. so if anyhow was hoping some hollywood blockbuster action film pls dun watch it.. its meant for kids and so go with a light heart.. if u hate cartoons.. hate immature stuff.. hate lame stuff.. go away from this movie.. its a very light hearted show.. go with a kids heart and you will enjoy it.. its a fantastic film IMO.. i would rate the movie a 7 out of 10.. mainly due to the short length of the film as well as feeling a bit of compressed rush in the movie.. events after events with no breathers.. haha.. think tts mainly the flaws in the movie..

catch it on a weekdae if u r hesistant about the movie. i reccommend everyone to give this movie a try. and definately no numa numa song in the movie.. i loved it..


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