tmr is xmas already. so fast ah.. noticed i havent been blogging a lot lately.. just felt very very restless these daes.. like its ptless.. lol.. nth much interesting in my life ah.. transformers episode was a blast this week.. totally enjoyed every min of this episode.. master galvatron alone now.. primus is revived.. hmm.. 2 more episodes.. wonder what will happen later..

goin out tml to cousins place to haf dinner then popping by town later to join the crowd.. sure die 1 lor.. im gonna wack shiyun tml.. she nv squeeze b4 ask me go squeeze with her.. crazy women.. lets go k or pub pls.. i dun wanan join the crowd tml.. its crazy.. CRAZY..

Flame Convoy, Nitro Convoy, Live Convoy, Megalo Convoy

Galaxy Force coming to an end.. no TF anime for 1 yr.. 2007 live action TF movie.. shucks.. what a 2006 i hope.. lol


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