first and foremost..

Merry Christmas to all!

how was everyone’s day? i hope everyone is feeling good.. though my xmas wasnt exciting and all.. there is still something that i am glad abt so i think well.. tts all for this years xmas.. 🙂

IF you are a frequent visitor to by blog.. you would have noticed i revamped the entire place.. edited a few links.. profiles.. and most imptly.. it is MATRIX-ified! well.. this is because ive been matrix-athoning these past few days.. hmm.. lets see.. i watched:

Matrix Revisited
Making of Matrix
The Matrix
Matrix Reloaded

get a load of this.. i’ve like so over matrix now.. haha.. its cool.. it rawks.. and i finally understood the entire movie.. i watched matrix before previously in the cinemas but i dont get a damn thing until like yst.. wahaha.. so now im left with Matrix Revolutions.. soon.. soon..

are you ready to be unplugged? unplugged into the real world? or stay in the dream world?
the red pill? or the blue pill?


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