happy new year

Today is the first day of 2006. First and foremost!
Happy 2006 to all! may everyone stay safe and healthy.
came across a very very i would say very stupid piece of fitness equipment.
the osim igallop.. -__-


well.. the yellow parts move front and back and u sit on it as though you are riding a horse.. woohoo.. howdy cowboy.. -___-
there is a exhibition at westmall with i think 8 machines.. all 8 were filled with kids.. why you say? free wad.. no need to pay 20cents to sit cars leh.. free one.. who dun wan.. haha.. its seriously like a kids ride.. if u would have seen the advertistment.. its also another doh feeling.. i feel like osim got nth to do.. first they use wang fei -___- next fiona xie still ok.. but tt izap is also a very dumb item la.. shake shake baby.. lol.. i really dunno wad is osim doin..

jazelle got no internet!! haha!! =p if only you could read this girl..
Y O U H A V E N O I N T E R N E T ! ! !


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