Ok guys.. STORY TIME!

one day clement took his trusty penknife into his room. what is happening! is he gonna stab someone? OMTIAN. ok.. stop.. he brought a penknife into his room..

omg! the camera is looking at clement’s bag! whatever is gonna happen..

*sneak sneak* something creeps out!

OMG! its a transformer! turansuforrmaaa~~ *does the transformer boogie* wahaha.. ok.. its Exigeyser!! wahahaha

back of the box! WoOOooooooooOOOotz

Penknife come out! *draws blade!* ching ching..


*shuffle shuffle* its coming out!!

DANG! there is still an insert! nvm.. try harder!

tAdAh!!! its out!! vroom vroom!!! *flies* oh wait.. its a armored vehicle.. *BANG!!*

ok here it is.. nice? bang bang! shoot shoot! pweeeeet!!

dumb clement looks at the instruction.. he say cannot anyhow transform if not spoil how?!?!

TRANSFORM!!!! robot mode! damn he’s handsome and stylo MILO.. wahaha

*flip flip flip*
GUNNER MODE!!! missles!!! BOOM BOOM!!!!!


Nice? think everytime i get a new toy or wadeva i’ll be doing this ba.. along with my trusty penknife! =D


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