sucked day

TODAE sucked from start to end. literally nth went well todae.. damn it la.. its onli like the 5th day of 2006 and shit happens.. and also.. i think my temper is coming back.. my temper has been under control since i came into poly.. but now i dunno i feel like its coming back.. i fucking get irritated so easily..

crit sucked. nuf said. however sucked stuff u can think of. i got it all. =)

afternn sucked. bored like fuck. hungry like fuck. poor like fuck.

evening steamboat sucked. wasted freaking money on lousy food. i hate marina for its lousy food and variety. sucked fucked. i wanted to lay a punch on you. you freaking pissed me off.

i act happy, joyful and seemed to enjoy myself. i think i can go mediacorp. my acting skills quite good. i was pissed and fucked deep within. nothing is good i tell you. blood is boiling. i dun wan my temper to be back. those daes in sec sch are gone i suppose. no longer do i want to get into fights. its for the sake of my parents and nobody else. i dun mind you having a bad impression of me as long as you give me peace. the year 2006. hasnt been well for me. guess its not my year after all. im fustrated irritated and annoyed.
friends that read this. i appreciate. thanks. remind me about my temper pls. i may just explode and i dun even care where i am or who i am with. when i explore i ignore everything.



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