SIGHH!!! i hate sch work.. who doesnt rite? well.. there are special cases.. lol.. but yeah i hate sch work!! its so boring u noe.. 2 more weeks and perhaps im gonna survive for yr3.. argh.. im just so stressed at this period of time.. somehow lately ive been thinking abt u.. but i’m trying to concentrate on my hw first.. a part of me feels like goin back to u but still the other part is tellng me not to.. i dun wish to be a spare tyre or any kind.. maybe its best not to think even further becos ultimately i really dunno what u r thinking.. 1 yr has passed and many things have happened.. so yeah.. i am just so confused.. but oh well……………… SIGH! lol…

gotta go sch tmr.. perhaps goin shopping after sch.. but yea life sux.. i hope sch ends soon.. im tired physically and mentally.. im really so tired.. argh……….. ok.. i must stop complaining.. slp early all! im gonna slp soon.. its late 2 in the morning and sch is in 5 hrs time.. lol.. nites all..


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