sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. i hate my home… wth la…………………. stupid la… this is a place called home……. so dumb can……. everyday quarrel quarrel.. grumble grumble.. fuck that la seriously.. i hope my parents see this.. its really dumb.. i hate my home.. alwaes dread coming home.. its stupid its dumb…. really wish to move out myself.. no more nonsense from people.. wanna grumble make noise shove it in each others face.. dun say and grumble.. especially grumble to me if u unhappy abt others.. like wth? tell me for wad fuck.. stupid.. anyway guys.. im assigned to wacking hseflies…

hmm.. quoted “old liao keep goin out.. cannot stay at home is it?”
oh ya.. HELLO! stay at home for wad? nobody at home? look at the walls and wack hseflies izzit.. dumb fuck la.. use ur brains.. how many ppl is at home all the time.. stay and home then do wad? quarrelfest? wah.. interesting la.. this is so nice.. maybe i shld stay home more often and go mad.. that would be a great idea.. dun haf to stay here.. go some other place to stay.. wahaha.. im a genius rite.. omg.. fuck this place!


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