star saber

won star saber auction for a mere $130! wahaha.. for those wondering.. $130 for a complete star saber is a very good deal.

star saber background:
1989 toy
very rare
leader class
very very highly sought after by collectors
market price usual $180 and above

and i got it at $130! im so happy!! =)

ok anyway! i havent exactly been doin work due to the CNY thingy.. took 2 daes to pack my room.. like totally much better compared to last time ah.. haha.. its tiring.. ok i feel guilty.. but oh well! i shall start tml! i promise!

Is my room neater? i think so! so much more neater! wahaha
lemon bedsheets! -__- oh well!

Happy CNY to all! Get more ang bao!


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