ah well.. so called 2nd dae of itp and im at home for the 2nd time..
will update abt wad thing happened yst..
in summarised form:
sch sent me and roy to real star via sas
reach there company insisted on hiring only 1 person
so school said they cant do a thing since the company insisted that way
roy was hired cos he was on their list of name(s)
so i am jobless! -.-
i called industrial services to make noise and i do mean a lot of noise
they said they can do nothin and got 2 options for me
find own company OR wait for placement
ask placement will take how long? response: as long as it may take
so no placement how? response: possibilty of retaking ITP in yr3
ok any normal sane person would rather find own company
so i approached my boss tt i previously worked 4 b4 itp
he said ok can accept me
i was SOOO glad
so todae when i was at home waiting to meet my boss for him to sign the application form
sch called me and said they found a company for me
i found my own company liao now they wanna screw it up AGAIN
sp sp sp.. wad abt it?
but oh well..

company is at bt batok crescent.. very near my place.. archi firm.. tml starting work..
ARGH! got to bring portfolio.. DUMB LA.. anyway im supposed to do renderings.. which i totally loath a lot.. got bless me.. bless me for the 6weeks.. wahahaha.. I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!


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