DEATH is but a sign from above that is telling you that you have failed the selections.

Having a wide circle of frens is definately something that some would say quite good. Well I kind of disagree with that ah. I have a wide circle of frens but how many actually are my true frens? How many are actually those that would be close buddies until we are old? Until now I believe I have somewhat less then 5. I rather have very true and long frens than have many frens. BUT, having many frens would also mean being in a smaller world.

Was out with jiaqi and jac again todae after my sundae shopping(toys). jiaqi brought her fren claryce along. we shopped and chatted like we do usually. Only at the end of the day i found out that she was from PJC. so its like i knew some of her frens and she knew some of my frens. unexpected and yeah small world. anyway yeah. todae was fun but tiring.

then this tot came accross my mind.. what if all my frens actually noe each other but it was just so unknowing to them.. it would be kind of wonderful eh.. ah well.. and yeah someone came to mind.. we used to be so gd.. so close but now its like something happened and we dont chat anymore.. its not that i didnt notice but since degraded so such a thing i think theres nth much i can do anyway.. gd things dun last forever and nth can be the same again.. some things are better left said at another time so yeah..

hmm to my frens in china.. have a great trip and return safely! share the stories with us another time but just stay safe and take care of ur own butts! =P Tmr is another week of ITP. 2nd week starts!


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