ok so ive packed my room this afternn. arrange my boxes and did some cleaning up. mopping sweeping etc. stacked my stuff neatly and cleared rubbish. so yeah its much useable now. shall continue again tmr.

you know, sometimes when u chat with me, im really glad. but then again i just have mixed feelings sometimes. whenever you mention guys to me, though its nth much, i do feel a little uneasy. what does this mean. have i really fallen for you? i tried to sort it out within myself but i still cant get an answer. brains and heart are both goin in different direction. who shld i heed? sometimes we are like gd frens but then again sometimes it seemed like u r pissed with me all the time. oversensitive? maybe. but thats me. and wads worst, my itunes is playing bon jovi’s open all night. ahh shucks. some call this life. true. but sigh. life makes a fool out of you sometimes. like seriously. i just wish to have a clearer direction. or perhaps heck care abt it? its my final yr damn it. and i got straight Cs for T1. woohoo..


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