So its been a week since the holidays offically started. Haven’t exactly been doing any work. I feel so restless and whats worst, I haven’t been thinkin about work. I just wanna rest and have more rest. Thinkin of playing and having fun. Had set my mind proper that I would start work next week. Which is like tmr. SIGH! Clement clement…

Ok I hate bloggin like this. But perhaps I need to do some reflections.

Monday slacked at home. Accompany mom but in the end i stoned more.
Tues was out with Siying. She wanted to get her bf’s bdae present but in the end i shopped more then her. LOL.
Wed eh.. what did i do.. oh yeah.. i did nth..
Thurs went to sch bball.. lunch then pool and lan.. spent a lot..
Friday.. went to collect some stuff then stoned at home again!
Sunday.. which is today.. i mean later since now is early in the morning.. will be popping by CSC for awhile.. havent been there for quite some time.. so must go look see look see.. i used to be there everyweek. awww…

ok so there’s a week in review.. i hate to blog like that.. but oh well.. and oh.. i spent lots of money this money.. its like $400+? i mean omg.. i must stop spending.. clement shall save!! (how many times have i told myself that..) i think i am hopeless.. wahahaha…

room is messy as usual.. every week i just have to pack.. if not stuff starts to pile.. my room has so many things that i sometimes wonder how those junks come from..

visti visit!!



and here’s hoping to a more hardworking clement..

battle cry:



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