One day a guy was at east coast beach and he found a lamp. He rub it and a Genie appear.

Genie:”Oh no. I am cursed to served whoever rub the lamp but I am very tired as many have ask for 3 wishes. for you i only give u 1 wish. so what do you want?”

man: “I was thinking of going hawaii but i cant stand taking plane or boat. I have a car and i would wish for a bridge from here to hawaii so i can drive my toyota there with my family whenever i feel like it.”

Genie: “Kaoz! you are at Singapore now and you want me to build a bridge to hawaii?!! you know how much calculation in phyisc or not? i have to do how much logistic planing and source of raw material of the cement and sands before I can even start construction? I may have to lower down some land just to build that bridge? too much work for me! Go make another wish. easier one please.”

man:”ehm….ok….than I just wish to be able to understand what my wife and other woman is thinking.”

GEnie: ” …….. ehm going back to the bridge you wish, you want 2 way or 4 way traffic?”


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