Big shades. Ear rings bigger then her own ears. Staring out at the passing scenery hoping to look like a celebrity. Ok maybe that teeny whiny bit that feels like a celebrity but overall just a typical singaporean. What amazes me is whats so interesting outside the glass. Its just some stone barriers and a tree. No hunks, Clements or whatsoever.

OK! I’m just kidding. Anyway I was told to put this pic on my blog. Content wise I’m a bit stoned thus resulting in such a moronic caption to go along with it. Anyone interested in her? She is single at the moment. Only accepts Handsome, Tall, Sporty, Rich, Sincere, Caring, Kind guys. To apply please send in your particulars to:

Particulars include:
Full name
Address (Bungalow, Condo, ETC. but HDB not allowed)
Handphone Model
Number of Cars
Car Models
Amount of Cards

Any one information not filled will be void.



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