Damn this is probably my last entry before I format my laptop. Something is seriously wrong with my baby for the pass 3 days. uber slow internet and msn even lags. like wth. did a solid 4 hrs of backing up and burning. with all my songs and animes as well as sch work, i’m glad i bought a new tub of dvd-rs recently. lets just hope after the format i am never gonna do it again. I HATE FORMATTING. not that i’m afraid to lose things. i’m afraid that my laptop is going to get slower after all this nonsense.

3 Facts about me
1) My laptop is my baby. I live with him everyday. Call me a technology prisoner but I feel uncomfortable if I don’t check my mails and forums once a day. The feeling of molesting the mouse and touching the alphabets makes me feel good.

2) I love my room. I love my bed. I love to think back in history at how things were whenever i’m alone. Though they would never cease to exist again. Some call me stupid to look back. But thats the way I am. I look strong outside but I am actually not that strong.

3) I am actually very easily angered. I just remind myself not to flare up all the time.

4 Things that makes me happy
1) Being alone with my ipod wandering about with the wind and smell of grass.

2) Hanging out with my bros just sitting down together and chatting. No holds barred. A time I could bare everything out too.

3) How I did something that could make someone’s day so bright.

4) Retail therapy. Opening new toys actually makes me happy. But then again after opening a toy, comes the space constraint problem. sigh!

5 Things that makes me unhappy
1) promises. why break them?

2) make up your mind. stop being hesitant over the tiniest things. Be decisive.

3) be responsible. if you did it admit it. tortoises are hatred.

4) those who like to take others for granted.

5) when my baby breaks down. lol.


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