Well well. Here I am with more text. Time to cut down on all these senseless quizzes. I guess all this is because of the excessive time spent at home. When you are at home, life takes a standstill. Now you ask, “why don’t you go work?” Now I ask back, WHY IS THE WHOLE WORLD ASKING ME TO WORK. =]

Oh well, anyway I guess its up to me to decide IF I want to work or not.

Well so let’s see. Everyone must be thinking what I exactly do at home.

Normally, after I rise up from my bed, I proceed to the bathroom to wash up of cos. DUH. Then, I hunt for my breakfast/lunch depending on the time I wake up. Then proceed to watch TV and eat at the same time. Normal channels I surf include ESPN, Starsports, Starmovies, HBO, VV City? (the chnl 56, 256). If I am lucky, there might be some nice movies for me to kill a good 2 hrs. Also, the NBA are having their play offs now. So morning/afternn ESPNs are damn healthy for the soul. Chnl56/256 are for Wan Quan Yu Le and Zhong Yi Da Ge Da’s mainly. Just to kill time and see what lame stuffs they crack up.

Then again, when TV is boring, I go back into my room and look for other activities. Stuffs I can do everyday but just too lazy to do. Pack my freaking room. Clean my freaking dusty toys. Built my freaking half built Legend Gundam. Ok those are there all the time.

I log onto msn and check on Jac. See if she is surviving her work. Then ask if she is busy. If she is then let her do her work. If she is free, then I ring her up to acc her for awhile. See. I’m not that bad afterall ok. Then surf auctions, check auction updates, check and manage forums. Blogsurf time to time.

Then I catch up on my animes. Currently watching Transformers Headmasters as well as Kamen Rider Blade. Nope, not the lame shitty dub version Kids Central is playing. Also when I feel like it, I take out some toys to my shooting studio and take some quick snaps of them. Normally, I post them here so you guys can tell how often I take pics anyway.

I might even surf sgcardgames for WOW bargains and some deck strategy. SGC is a good forum for Action Figure updates. Always looking forward to new Marvel Legends news there.

Think imma end off here.
You have just read an article on an everyday life of Clement Soh. (Version: Weekdays)


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