I can’t fucking believe I watched TRANSFORMERS today!


CGI was top notch! Can’t imagine this was the same CGI company that did Hulk way back. Definitely improved loads as compared to their Hulk production.


Might be a little draggy or messy but hell, it’s da movie for the year.

Plot was thin and simple. I would not say plotness. The jist is still there, well its a Micheal Bay film. Bay simply spells a-c-t-i-o-n, not s-t-o-r-y.

Bots have enough dialogs as well as screen time. Bumblebee was extremely well potrayed. Prime was in his prime. 20+years has passed and I still feel goosebumps when I hear Cullen speak once again. Ironhide was a rocking cowboy. Ratchet was cool but underused. Same goes for Jazz. Sleek, cool and black! Love the way he speaks but REALLY underused for his character. Could have been so much better.

Cons were underscreened and kill too easily. The reason for this I guess is due to insufficient movie time, it is already a solid 144mins. Fight scenes were brief and straight to the point for some but we can only wait for the DVD release. Director’s cut and extended footage anyone? Wasted characters were Starscream, Barricade and Blackout. Scenes were too brief. Brawl/Devastator was da beast. The amount of bots/humans needed to take him down was incredible. No wonder no pre-film footage was shown, he was one of the climatic scenes. Scorponok and Bonecrusher were extras. Hope they had more screentime in the DVDs. And guess what! Well, Frenzy has the most screentimes! He was really well potrayed with his irritating-ness and stealth ability. Kinda like a love/hate relationship. Finally, Megatron the leader of the cons. Firm, ferocious and mean through and through. An angry con that got p*ssed for being froze and left at a coner. Came out wrestling like a pitbull.

Sam was very well potrayed by Shia. Very very and I must say VERY natural. Not bad for a young star. Some pick-up lines were used so skillfully. Definitely worthy for being the Witwicky that he is. His parents were really funny as well. And Mikela, woo just hot. HOT!

Onto some parts of the movie.

Love how the bots entered earth in the protoforms. Running about seemingly naked just to scan their modes (or clothes) before going to meet their dear boy Sam. The yard scene was priceless and tattooed onto my mind right till now. How Prime was so impatient and Jazz being so agile was down right amusing.

Action scenes were plenty. Some just nice, some a little too fast. Really appreciate how each transformations were different instead of repeated CGIs. The first scene of Blackout transformation gave me transformasm if I can call it.

Can’t wait to watch it a second time. Shall add more on my second time watching with JACJAC on tue!


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