Well well, I’m currently trying to kill some boredom thus loggin into any possible sites I can remember. Office’s desktop with their uber fast processor is kind of a good thing when you are bored. You read that right. A slow desktop would result in some uber waiting time, for that, perhaps it might already take up a fraction of your boring night working hours.

Anyway, things between me and Jac are mostly just private and I guess most of the people who knows what is actually happening would respect that. I mean, ok if you know the story, that’s as much as you can do, simply knowing it. No more no less. How things work out and all are actually between the 2 of us. Respect is the word. It’s kinda simple who or what I am pinpointing against. Take it that I’m bashing onto you or however you choose to recieve it, is your problem. Seriously, if you can’t respect anyone’s privacy, or even recieve mild comments, it’s your own loss at life. Whatever we do in life, there are always two choices. Take the right choice, smart, or even lucky you. Take the wrong path, don’t cry, grow from it. At the end of the day, if anyone feels that I am being mean or nasty, well, take that. I can only regretfully tell you that, hey, grow up.

Back to work, tendered my resignation for the 31st July. Working loads of OTs to just try to get a little money for my future uses in NS. Money’s going to be a big problem for me in time to come, and I am just preparing for it. Tiring as it might be, that’s why I’ve decided to take Aug as my resting period before serving the nation. Some might think it’s kind of a long period, I actually think it’s just nice for me.

4 Hours and a little 45 mins before I head back off to home. It’s going to be a long night with a quiet colleague. God speed.


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